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Assistance With Relocation|New Home Move

Stop Moving Unwanted Items From Place to Place

    1. Create a room-to-room inventory.
    2. Identify the items that you want to take with you to your new home.
    3. Create a disposal plan for unwanted items.
    4. Remove items and relocate per disposal plan.
    5. Assist with packing, if requested.
    6. Assist with unpacking in the new location (local DC area only)


Organizing Your Home

Organize Your Home Into a Functional Space

    1. Assess what you have.
    2. Create categories.
    3. Apply the appropriate storage solutions.


Interiors Sourcing

Source Secondhand/Vintage Home Goods

    1. Identify interior design needs.
    2. Set budget.
    3. Source design solutions.
    4. Implement solutions in your home.


Fall In Love With Your Closet

Finding Your Style Inside Your Closet

    1. Find your style quotient.
    2. Assess what works and what doesn’t work in your closet.
    3. Organize your closet in a way that makes styling yourself easier.
    4. Pull together outfits for different occasions


Redesign Your Home (Two room minimum)

Give Your Room(s) A Makeover

    1. Assess how your space(s) are currently being used.
    2. Take stock in what you already have.
    3. Create a redesign plan.
    4. Implement the plan, if you choose.


Build A Sustainable Wardrobe

Building Your Capsule Wardrobe

    1. Learn how to create a capsule wardrobe.
    2. Learn how to pair what’s in your closet to create outfits that work for you.
    3. Learn how to sustainably add to your wardrobe through shopping secondhand and vintage and sustainable/ethical brands.
    4. Learn how to responsibly dispose of items that no longer work for you.


Learn How To Find Thrift Store Gems

Finding the Hidden Gems in the Thrift Store

    1. Learn how to make a plan before you shop.
    2. Create your shopping plan.
    3. Learn which thrift stores work best for your plan.
    4. Let’s go shopping!

Public Speaker

Learn About Sustainable And Ethical Fashion

How Can You Live Sustainably?

  1. Learn the basics of sustainable and ethical fashion and why it’s important.
  2. Learn how you can do your part to support the cause.
  3. Discover how to build a closet that you love.
  4. Learn how to responsibly dispose of unwanted items


Inside The Client Process.

Step 1.

Initial Consulation

We will meet at your house to discuss your project needs, budget, and expected outcomes.

Step 2.

Contract Signing/Project Plan

Once hired, a contract will be created for your signature. After the contract is signed, the work begins. We will further discuss your needs and a project plan will be created.

Step 3.

Project Plan Approval/Work Begins

Once you approve your project plan, the work will begin based on the project schedule outlined in the project plan.

Step 4

Project Completed

The project is completed once the agreed upon project plan is completed and you are satisfied with the work. Your satisfaction is important.


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