Eating Sustainably: Real Oyster Cult Ships Oysters Right To Your Door

Real Oyster Cult Helps You To Bond Over Oysters

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Real Oyster Cult is a B. Corp company.

Real Oyster Cult is a business made up of good friends and family who share a love for the mighty oyster. Their cult started small. The idea for Real Oyster Cult was born from gathering their close friends on Duxbury Bay, celebrating with the freshest oysters and never-ending fun against a perfect backdrop. A perk of the Duxbury oyster farmer is having an oyster float—a floating workspace which also happens to be a spectacular place to throw a party. Then they realized it was too good not to share. Delivering farm fresh oysters, whenever you crave them. The app connects you to a curated selection of Atlantic & Pacific oysters. For your eating pleasure, our technology connects you to a curated selection of Atlantic, Pacific and Canadian farms, to bring you a delectable oyster experience every time. Handpick your favorites or try something new, all delivered right to your doorstep with FedEx overnight delivery on Tuesdays and Fridays. Order by 1 PM on Mondays and Thursdays.

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